Lucas Hernández ordered arrested for a cause of gender violence

After the consecration with the French National Team in the UEFA Nations League, Lucas Hernández faces again a conviction of the past and this time the Spanish justice issued today an arrest warrant against the footballer for breaching a court order. The now Bayern Munich player was accused of gender-based violence against a former partner in 2017, while playing for Atletico Madrid, for which he had been convicted. However, soon after his ex-partner Amelia de la Osa Lorente reconciled and they kept a trip to Las Vegas.On the return of the same, and after having violated the restraining order, a court in Madrid sentenced both to 31 days of community work and prevented them from approaching or communicating by any means for six months.

From the reunion, he had requested the annulment of the sentence, but it was denied to him because he was considered a repeat offender, since two other convictions for crimes related to gender violence weighed against him. Now, as a new contempt of justice, Hernández must be present on October 19 to be personally notified of the request for “voluntary entry” to prison, with a limit of ten days, and it was clarified that he had nothing to do with the initial complaint of de la Osa Lorente.Si it seems firm that he should enter prison, it is possible that the Audiencia will uphold the appeal and order lucas not to comply with the sentence or that he will do so and that he will be released a few days later, to return to Bayern Munich, which was not aware of the defender’s situation to date.

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