The candidates for national deputies of the City of Buenos Aires debate today

One month before the legislative elections, the candidates for national deputies for the City of Buenos Aires will participate today in the first television debate. It will be, as it has been for several years, in the program “A dos voces” (TN, at 22). Four of the five candidates who exceeded the 1.5% floor necessary to access the general elections will participate in the PASO: María Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change); Leandro Santoro (Frente de Todos); Javier Milei (Avanza Libertad), and Myriam Bregman (Left Front). Luis Zamora (Self-Determination and Freedom), the fifth candidate to compete in the November 14 elections, will not attend. The debate will begin with the presentation of each candidate, and then will have three thematic axes:
Institutional Quality, Security and Justice
Economy, education and work
Health policy in pandemic

In each of the three topics, each candidate will have a minute and a half to express their point of view, a minute of reply to answer comments made by others, and, finally, 6 minutes free of discussion between the candidates. Candidates will also be able to ask their competitors questions. It will begin (according to the order established and accepted by the four) María Eugenia Vidal. The JxC candidate will have 30 seconds to ask a question of the candidate she chooses. This, in turn, will have one minute to respond. Then, Vidal will be able to ask the same candidate, who, again, will have a minute of reply. Then it will be the turn of Leandro Santoro. However, according to the rules of the debate, the candidate will not be able to ask the same as Vidal. The same goes for the other two candidates, Javier Milei and Myriam Bregman.Each candidate will have a closing minute, in which they can express what they want. In the PASO, Vidal obtained 32.98%, while Together for Change, with the sum of the votes obtained by Ricardo López Murphy and Adolfo Rubinstein, reached 48.17%. In second place was the Frente de Todos, with Leandro Santoro at the head, with 24.71%. The third place went to Javier Milei, from Avanza Libertad, who reaped 13.70%. Meanwhile, Myriam Bregman, of Left Unity, got 5.36%, and Luis Zamora, of Self-Determination and Freedom, reached 2.64% of the total.

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