Carabineros officials file complaint for frustrated homicide after death of Denisse Cortés

Five Carabineros officials filed a complaint this afternoon with the Seventh Court of Guarantee of Santiago for the crime of frustrated homicide. This, within the framework of a demonstration held on Sunday in Plaza Italia -on the occasion of the vindication of native peoples-, which ended with the death of Denisse Cortés after incidents in the instance.
According to Radio Bío Bío, the judicial action is directed “against all those who are responsible as authors, accomplices or cover-ups, for the crime of homicide of carabineros, in the exercise of their functions (…) in degree of frustrated execution”.
The uniformed men reported that “an unknown subject launched fireworks towards the public road, specifically directed where we were next to the victim (…) also this projectile hit us resulting in the injury of a captain and a 1st sergeant.”
According to the Carabineros’ version, the fireworks hit the law student, which led to her death. The proceedings of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigation Police (PDI) have not yet drawn conclusions on the events of Sunday.

The investigation is being carried out by prosecutor Francisco Ledezma, with the collaboration of the Investigative Brigade for Crimes Against Human Rights and Persons, the Homicide Brigade and the Tactical Reaction Brigade of the PDI.

The general director of the Carabineros, Ricardo Yáñez, said that “if it were not for the protection elements that our carabineros carried, perhaps we would be reporting more fatalities.”
“These criminals don’t care at all about the lives of others… today there are those who no longer seek only to harm or injure the personnel, but attack with the clear intention of killing the carabineros,” he added.

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