Félix Salgado, Moreno operator who grants positions in the government of his daughter

On Wednesday, the earthy courtyard of a length of 200 square meters was full of people who listened attentively to what Moreno Senator Félix Salgado Macedonio, father of Evelyn Salgado Pineda, said, who tomorrow will take protest as governor for the period 2021-2026.
Women and men, many with folders with their personal documents, were nervous.
“Let’s see, who here has a degree in Political Science?” asked the senator wearing a black T-shirt and jeans.

No one raised his hand.
Salgado Macedonio smiled and said afterwards: “Let’s see, who are graduates in Communication Sciences?”
A young man who was about four meters from his right side approached and people began to laugh.

Salgado Macedonio stopped talking when a dry knock was heard.
“A pot fell!” shouted one of the job seekers who was at the bottom of the property.
With the senator was the former PRI and former local deputy, Jorge Salgado Parra.
The senator introduced the young Tania Sánchez Salgado as director of Citizen Care of his daughter’s government.
But Salgado Macedonio added: “This new direction will have as a priority to meet all citizen demands; she is an honest, young woman and belongs to Morena.” The rest of the attendees also expected to hear his name.
Behind them was a wooden table with dozens of folders stacked with the resumes of people seeking accommodation in the new government.
As time went by, more people came to this place, located on Lázaro Cárdenas Avenue, south of Chilpancingo. This property was used as Salgado Macedonio’s tent before the INE canceled his registration, and then his daughter used it.
During these last days and before his daughter takes office, this place has become a placement agency for the new government.
“There are already all the cabinet secretaries are ten women and ten women, do you want me to tell you who they are?” the senator asked.
“Nooooo!” they replied.
He clarified that all officials will be given an investigation into their assets. “We are going to investigate where they live, where their house is and if there is one who has a house in the Lomas de Zinnia it does not happen,” he said jokingly. Jardines de Zinnia is a subdivision that is located in the suburban area of Chilpancingo.
Later the senator announced other appointments, that of Abad Torres and César Paris Peralta, as undersecretaries of the Ministry of Economy. Torres and Paris participated in Evelyn’s campaign.
César Paris Peralta, who served as Comptroller of the Ministry of Education in Guerrero (SEG) in the administration of Ángel Aguirre Rivero, registered as a candidate for superior auditor of the state.
Salgado Macedonio continued with the appointments and called a young woman named Nicole, whom he introduced for a position in the Youth Secretariat. The young woman carried her folder.
“She was in the campaign, she is a comrade in struggle and she is in Morena,” he added.
Without saying the name of the head of the Youth Secretariat, the senator said that this new official is a high-performance sports athlete.
He then asked his driver Tomás López García to approach.
“Thomas, Thomas!” the shouts of the attendees were heard.
“He (Tomás) is going to be at the entrance of the Government Palace, five days a week when he works,” he said.
Salgado Macedonio outlined the rules with which the officials of the government that his daughter will head should be governed: “honesty and transparency.”
He announced that in the new administration the Institute to Return the Stolen to the People will be created, which in the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador already works.
“All officials will not have armored government vans, they will have to use their own vehicle and the armored trucks that are there we are going to auction,” he announced.
He reiterated that Casa Acapulco and Casa Guerrero, the latter located in the Polanco area of Mexico City, will be auctioned and the money that comes out will be used for the purchase of medicines.
In the case of the official residence of Casa Guerrero, where, he assured, his daughter will not live, they will be used as government offices until President Andrés Manuel López Obrador authorizes the construction of a third-level hospital in that place.
He mentioned that his daughter will receive a government with many economic problems that will have to be faced.
He assured that there will be no officials who have construction companies.
He criticized the construction of the Tlapa-Marquelia highway, where for months there has been a “huge hole” in a bridge.
“That businessman who did that work will not be hired by this government, moreover, the governmentor Evelyn is going to demand that he repair that work,” he warned.
When he realized that there was the presence of this reporter, Salgado Macedonio said that the meeting was private and shortly after he ended the meeting.
Before he called the attention of his colleagues for having leaked an information to a reporter of the newspaper The South which published the names of potential officials in evelyn Salgado’s government.
“Comrades these are private meetings; that’s what we were left with, right? Nothing comes out of here,” he said.
Later he asked the attendees that next Saturday and Sunday they would present themselves to that same place, so that they could deliver their curriculum to those who will be the secretaries of the office.
He did not rule out that some people who attacked him and his daughter in the social media campaign will infiltrate to request a position. “They attacked us ugly, well they are so brazen that even those insults have not been deleted from their Facebook,” he said.
“There are no recommended ones here,” says Felix
In an interview, Salgado Macedonio said that in the appointment of officials of his daughter’s cabinet “there will be no recommendations, friends or compadres, nor relatives and I do not have anything to do with their appointment.”
He assured that the governor is aware of the people who are appointed to the positions and those who arrive have academic support.
“Here there will be gender parity, there will be 10 secretaries and 10 cabinet secretaries,” she said.
“The comrades who will be appointed according to their profile, but Félix Salgado does not determine and does not influence (the appointments), why?, because it is not Felix, nor is she the governor, it is the people who are here,” he said.
He indicated that after the 15th, that is, after his daughter takes office, he will be in the Senate of the Republic in the sessions that are held every week until December 15, when the ordinary period ends.
“I’m not going to influence the governor’s decision-making, she’s capable, intelligent, young, but evelyn is better than me because she’ll be an excellent governor and I’m going to support her,” he said.
“I do not insist on any appointment, I do not receive resumes, because it is not my task, it is not my role,” he insisted even with what was observed and heard before in the meeting.
Felix, the operator
Yesterday afternoon, Salgado Macedonio visited the workers who for 10 days have kept the Government Palace closed to demand the payment of back wages, bonuses and other economic stimuli. He promised them that his daughter will pay the wages.
“Evelyn is a good person, help her and she’s going to help you,” the senator told them.
The bureaucrats promised to lift the sit-in this Friday 15 in the morning for the governor to enter.
A few hours after Salgado Pineda takes office, the bureaucrats have closed a dozen public buildings, including the One in Ciudad Judicial, despite the fact that the outgoing governor, Héctor Astudillo Flores, promised three days ago that he would pay them salaries and the six-year bonus.
“Many of us are owed up to four months’ salary and Governor Héctor Astudillo did not even take us into account in his announcement of payments,” complained the worker of the General Secretariat of Government, María Valverde, who like other of her colleagues are on the list of raya.
In recent days, Senator Salgado Macedonio has been in constant activity resolving conflicts. He also met with state police who demand payment of per diems, with workers and with peasant organizations.
He also leads meetings where he analyzes profiles of the candidates for a position in the administration that his daughter will head from tomorrow Friday.
Just as it happened yesterday in the courtyard that is less than a block from the place known as “El Jardín del Toro”, south of this city.
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