Gourmet gifts for Mother’s Day

This Sunday, October 17, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Argentina and in the previous days the great unknown opens: “What do we give to mom?” To surprise her, we put together a guide of gastronomic gifts for all tastes. Wouldn’t it be good to wake her up with a good breakfast or treat her to a special lunch? For chocolate fans
An option that does not fail is to give him chocolates. For the occasion, Purocacao offers five sets of premium artisanal chocolates. For example, the Noir Huit includes two cases of 8 chocolates each plus a bottle of Trivento Gaudeo Paraje Altamira, for $5,900, which you can get in its online store. In addition, Sueño Verde proposes a box format “China Box” that contains truffles, chocolates and hearts filled with Compañía de Chocolates, which are available through its website. There are 300 units while stock lasts.

The Noir Huit set of Purocacao. Photo: Purocacao Press

For the candy companies
On the one hand, Mada Patisserie prepared two boxes with signature pastries, which includes different sweet preparations and a special dedication, starting at $ 1,600.In that line, Gontran Cherrier puts a French accent on his box with specialties of his pastry and artisan bakery, which is obtained for $ 3,650 through its official site. The Mercat Villa Crespo, meanwhile, offers a wide variety of proposals among which appears the box of Dulce de Leche & Co, composed of two alfajores, a jar of dulce de leche of 450gr, a box of candies, a conito and a repasador, for $ 1,399.

One of the special boxes of Mada Patisserie. Photo: Mada Patisserie Press

For those who prefer salty
Bigbox, which for Mother’s Day launched the campaign “The best gifts give you life”, offers several gift cards at different prices to “Brunchear” with mom, choosing what she likes the most. The Italian pasta and products store Fresca prepared four exclusive boxes designed to be shared with the family that include a wide variety of handmade preparations and products with the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine, starting at $ 5,750.

The exclusive boxes of Fresca. Photo: Prensa Fresca

For its part, Lado A offers a combo that contains a portion of Pastrami of (approximately 600grs), a jar of homemade pickled cucumbers, a jar of homemade mustard and sourdough field bread from Atelier Fuerza. It is available for $ 2,500 at the Mercat Villa Crespo.In addition, several restaurants such as Tigre Morado, SushiClub, Tomate, Amazonia, Blossom and Mudrá, among others, offer promos, special discounts or gifts to celebrate.

The special combo of Lado A. Photo: Mercat Villa Crespo press

To provide
A good plan for mothers who love good drinking is to give them a wine or their favorite drink. Within the first category, Etchart winery recommends the Cafayate Rosé ($365) and the Cafayate Torrontés Dulce Tardío ($365), while Luigi Bosca proposes his De Sangre Malbec Paraje Altamira Limited Edition 2017 (suggested price $3,740). Meanwhile, for those who prefer to enjoy other types of drinks and / or drinks, they are added: mumm leger sparkling wine ($670), Beefeater gin ($2,360) and Chivas Mizunara whiskey ($6,974). In addition, the APPBAR application prepared six special gifts at home that are ordered through the platform: the drink arrives the drink, in less than 45 minutes and without shipping cost.

Cafayate Rosé and Cafayate Torrontés Dulce Tardío. Photo: Press Bodega Etchart

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