INDH and state of emergency in the southern macrozone: “The only way to face the serious crisis is dialogue”

The National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), referred to the state of emergency constitutional emergency decreed by President Sebastián Piñera in the provinces of Malleco Cautín, Arauco and Biobío is “a failure of the State and society as a whole.” The measure that came into force this day and for 15 days, extendable for another identical period, was adopted by the President in response to the situations of public order and violence that have occurred in the area. From the agency they maintained that “it is a failure of the State and society, as a whole, that murders and other acts of violence are committed and that the guilty cannot be investigated, judged or convicted.” It also represents a failure that the State of Chile ends up in the facts involving the Armed Forces in functions that should be exclusive to the Carabineros.” The INDH stated that “the only way to face the serious crisis that is being experienced in the Macro South Zone is dialogue,” while supporting the work carried out by universities together with the Nansen Center for Peace. The organization assured that the Constitutional Convention also “has the historic opportunity to establish a new intercultural pact on which peace and justice are founded in southern Chile.”

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