Poll to choose a candidate in 2024, the most democratic method: Sheinbaum

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that the poll to choose morena’s candidate in 2024 is the most appropriate and democratic method.
He expressed that it is what morena’s statutes establish and it is a method with which he agrees; however, he stated that the issue of the presidency in 2024 will be defined in time.
“This is what is established in the statutes of the party to which we belong, which is Morena; it is by the statutes and it is something with which I agree, but, in addition, the president of the Republic has always maintained it, even before Morena existed. So, it is something that is even in the statutes, and it seems to me, then, an appropriate method.

“It is a suitable method, perhaps the most democratic. What problems do you have in some parties where open elections were held? Well, some others who did not belong to the political party participated; in the case of polls, because there is simply no other way than what they think, it is a representation of what the people think at that time. So, it’s a good method, and there will be time for that as well,” he said.
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Yesterday President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he has no favorite or preferred for his replacement in 2024 and that this will be decided by the citizens through a survey.

In a morning conference, the president indicated that the survey is within the statutes of Morena and serves to avoid much conflict and that there are no impositions.
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