Sedena implements Plan DN-III in Los Mochis after Hurricane Pamela

Los Mochis, Sinaloa. After the torrential rains that occurred on Tuesday in the municipality of Ahome caused by the effects of Hurricane Pamela and as they have been doing since that day, elements of the Mexican Army applied the DN-III-E Plan in different parts of the city of Los Mochis to support people who needed their help. During a morning tour from the Las Mañanitas subdivision, passing through the Diana Laura neighborhood and then Jardines del Bosque, the military elements were attentive to the feelings of the citizens. Read more: Urbi Villa del Rey de Los Mochis, converted into a lagoon after the rains of Hurricane Pamela However, as they passed through these settlements they saw that there were no people to help after the rains on Tuesday, so they withdrew to continue with their tasks. Truck driver who traveled without caution through flooded streets of Los Mochis suspended
Graduated in communication sciences from the Universidad de Occidente, generation 1991-1995. Local news reporter for EL DEBATE de Los Mochis from 1996 to date. During these 22 years of uninterrupted service, she has worked in different responsibilities that the company has conferred on her, including: reporter of the cultural and general area, proofreader, state editor of supplements and, currently, editor of the popular newspapers La i and La Sirena of EL DEBATE de Los Mochis. Also, on the part of this publishing house he has received courses in writing, journalism, spelling and journalistic style, among others. In 1997, the Association of Journalists of northern Sinaloa Aarón Flores Heredia named her Promesa Periodística. In 2006, the Mexican Culture Seminar Corresponsalía Los Mochis-Guasave, in conjunction with the Association of Journalists of the North of Sinaloa Aarón Flores Heredia and the Association of Journalists of Los Mochis, gave him the Recognition of Cultural Journalistic Merit 2005-2006 Carlos Salazar Chávez. See more

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