Victims of Colonia Dignidad criticize “reductionist vision” of the Netflix series and call for the resignation of Minister Larraín

A group of eight victims of Colonia Dignidad reacted to the recently released series “Colonia Dignidad: una secta alemana en Chile”, on the Netflix platform, indicating that it has a “reductionist vision” of the events that occurred, since they consider that it is told “as if it had been the work of one man”.
In a statement, they noted that “the story of the Netflix series is told mostly by perpetrators, some of them convicted of the serious crimes they committed. It is told as if it had been the work of one man, which constitutes a reductionist vision that we cannot accept. The history of the Dignity Colony is not over either.”
They also criticized the null actions by the states of Chile and Germany to make reparations to the victims: “We are the ones who with our courage and together with our mothers and families, helped to tear down the walls of Colonia Dignidad, however, the States of Chile and Germany did nothing effective afterwards, so until now there is no reparation or justice as it should be.”
“The German government authorities and German diplomacy have fed the companies, and they continue to dialogue with the new hierarchs, they care more about the structures and existence of the companies than the real victims, and by supporting the companies they are responsible for the oppression and injustice that they represent.  German justice is also responsible for the impunity of criminals who have fled to that country, such as Dr. Harmuth Hopp, who today walks free on the Streets of Germany. Nor has the large capital existing in Chile and abroad been clarified,” they charged in the statement.
They also rejected “the tourism activities of the colony, carried out in the casino and elsewhere.  It is not acceptable that where atrocious abuses and massacres were tortured and committed, it continues to be celebrated with strident fanfare, in the face of the pain of the victims who still bear the scars of horrors, and of the relatives who search tirelessly and without rest and comfort for their loved ones, detained, tortured and disappeared in Colonia Dignidad.”
They maintain that “until now there is no true repentance, for the one who repents must repair and not appropriate everything to the detriment of others, with unacceptable justifications. The compensation that is owed to us and that was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 2013 is still not paid to us, because these new hierarchs use and abuse the laws to delay and hinder payment, they have no ethics, nor do they have empathy, but on the contrary, they only have the arrogance of the power that they are allowed to exercise. ”
On the other hand, they demanded the resignation of the Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, and that he offer “the apologies that until now he has refused to express, since he has only given extemporaneous and insufficient excuses.  He never asked us what was happening to us in that room that he defended, he only cared about the perpetrators and the hospital where many of the horrors were also committed.”
“We demand truth and full justice. We demand the responsibility and action of the authorities who continue to allow impunity, injustice and oppression of the Colony,” the statement concludes.

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