Massive demonstration and riots and looting marked the second anniversary of 18-O

A massive demonstration took place in Plaza Italia on the occasion of the anniversary of the social outbreak of 2019, which according to the chief general of the metropolitan area of Carabineros, Enrique Monrás, brought together between 8,000 and 10,000 people in complete tranquility. The police chief, however, warned that on the other hand, “there is a group of criminals who are destroying public and private property, attacking carabineros with forceful and incendiary elements.” A similar balance was made by the presidential delegate for the Metropolitan Region, Emardo Hantelmann, who said that a peaceful demonstration took place in Plaza Italia, but that in addition, “we have seen a set of actions of violence not only in the center, but in communes such as Puente Alto: looting, launching of fireworks, destruction of public and private structure.” The day began with the participants who gathered in the central sector of Santiago and the first traffic detours reported by the capital’s transport system. Barricades took place in certain sectors of the city center, including Alameda with Vicuña Mackenna, Santa Rosa and Irene Morales, as well as attempts by some of the participants of the demonstration to tear down the perimeter of the statue of General Baquedano and the tomb of the unknown soldier. Carabineros also reported clashes with hooded men in Ahumada with Alameda, looting of commercial premises throughout various communes of the capital, including Santiago, Maipú and Puente Alto, in addition to the burning of documents in an office of the Civil Registry of the latter commune. In Maipú, meanwhile, there was the burning of a security booth in the plaza de la comuna and in Santiago Centro there was the burning of the whereabouts of the collective locomotion. . There was also a fire that was registered on the stairs of the Santa Lucía hill made by which Santiago Firefighters dispatched a car to fire in tree or pasture at the corners of Santa Lucía and Moneda.Metro, while began a progressive closure of stations that for the moment contemplates Baquedano, University of Chile, Protector of Children, Santa Lucía, U. Católica, Franklin, Plaza de Maipú, Bellas Artes, Santa Isabel,  Plaza de Puente Alto, Parque Bustamante Salvador, Trinidad, Manuel Montt, Irárrazabal, Plaza de Armas, Laguna Sur, Conchalí, Cardenal Caro, Cal y Canto, Santa Ana, La Moneda, Pudahuel y Las Parcelas. 

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