Bomb! They confirmed a collaboration between Tini and L-Ghent

It was already suspicious and this morning Pia Shaw confirmed in Los Angeles de la Mañana that Tini Stoessel and Elián Valenzuela, better known as L-Ghent, will join in a collaboration that will surely give to talk. Both are positioned as two of the most successful young artists of the moment and their fusion will result in a song that promises to be a hit. In addition, they assured that the song will be accompanied by a video clip that was finished shooting this week.

A few days ago, the artist shared an image on her networks and crowned the publication with the question: “Could it be that there is little left for new music?” The surprise came when the creator of the cumbia 420 left a comment that made fans expectant: “How much will it be missing?”

Despite the confirmation, a release date has not yet been transcended. What the journalist did confirm when telling the scoop was the good chemistry that the singers had at the time of the collaboration, the first among them. For his part, Tini comes from featurings with artists of the stature of Manuel Turizo or Danny Ocean while L-Gante’s last collaboration was with none other than Pablo Lescano, from Damas Gratis.

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