Riders Republic Launches Free Week of Gaming on Consoles and PC

Riders Republic is one of Ubisoft’s big bets for this year, so the company is anticipating the launch later this month with a free week of play on all platforms. Between October 21 and 27, Ubisoft is hosting the free Riders Republic Trial Week event on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. The test offers access to the full game, which includes a variety of activities, such as mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, squirrel suit descent, and squirrel suit with propulsion. The only peculiarity of the test is that it will not allow unrestricted access throughout the week, but you can only play the game for a total of four hours — which for many may be enough time to devote to Riders Republic.

There will be four types of events available during that week, including:
Massive Race: three races in different disciplines in which more than ten players compete, and it is an event that renews across the map every 30 minutes.
Versus Mode: a competition with up to five other friends in any professional event of the game.
Battle of tricks: a confrontation in two teams of six participants in which the objective is to perform tricks to get the highest possible score.
Free for All: a playlist of different events.

The game will offer a cross-play and cross-gen option, meaning all players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC will be able to share games. However, the events of the Massive Race will have a limit of 32 players on the new generation consoles although they will allow more than 50 to participate on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.In addition, the company will carry out what it has called Mad Challenge during the week of testing: players who enter the top 10 in a Massive Race will participate for a copy of the Gold version of the game. You can register for the Mad Challenge on the official site. Those who want to participate in the challenge must:
Play in the trial week with the same Ubisoft Connect account (email) with which you registered for the challenge. 
Complete the tutorial phase and reach the 20-star level. 
Activate the biggest challenge at the Shackddaddies Bandits post in Riders Ridge. 
Finishing in the top 10 in a massive race to complete the challenge.

The size of the test will be around 23 GB depending on the platform, and it will be possible to transfer the progress obtained to the final version in case you decide to buy it using a Ubisoft Connect account.Riders Republic comes out on October 28 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.
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