Young man starts CFE meter to take it to fix

Guadalajara.- As we become independent and enter the adult stage, procedures, household chores and the payment of bills become a daily duty, and although we have a notion of how to do everything, sometimes it is better to ask before making a mistake. Such is the case of a young woman from Jalisco who went viral after tearing off the light meter to take it to the offices of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), so that a technician could check it because it had broken down. The protagonist of this embarrassing moment was Arandhí “C”, a 24-year-old girl, who despite the mistake, decided to share her story through Twitter, without thinking that it would go viral. The publication was shared a few days ago by the young woman on social networks, and mentioned that she did not know that the CFE staff was the only one authorized to remove the light meters from their bases, so she asked netizens to “desaran” so that they did not put her in jail. “They laughed at me at the CFE for bringing my meter, they say they go and take it away. Ok, I didn’t know, I promise you that I didn’t want to come carrying under the sun a thing that weighs kilos,” the young man wrote. Although the young woman’s mistake could end in a huge penalty, such a situation only became a funny moment. According to article 368 of the Federal Criminal Code, when a user alters the equipment, infrastructure owned by the Federal Electricity Commission, he could receive a fine of several thousand pesos and penalties that could range from 3 to 10 years in prison. Read more: Great find: Family discovers statues in their garden were sphinxes from ancient EgyptThis situation, though sad, was taken sarcastically by Arandhí who wrote “tweet sent from prison,” and then explained that the staff only laughed a little and checked that the meter was in good condition.” Stop telling me that what I did is illegal okay everything went well just laughed a little and checked that the meter was fine and so it was because I am not a criminal and already excellent they kept it and ready I saved them the work ok, “he concluded. Japan: Mount Aso erupts

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