The mayors of Bariloche and El Bolsón pointed to Alberto Fernández

The province of Río Negro is going through a new conflict over land with the Mapuche community and this time tension grows within the state from a letter sent by President Alberto Fernanández to the local governor, which generated criticism from different media. Among them, two of the most important mayors of the area appeared, who took charge of the lack of a firm policy that defends the interests of citizens. The first of them to speak was Bruno Pogliano, communal chief of El Bolsón, to TN.” We have to have the guarantees of security because we are within the national territory. If it is terrorism, as it is raised and with the complaints in the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of San Carlos de Bariloche, it is an issue that has to do with the Nation, obviously,” he said, adding that “although they are a small group of violent people, we must find them and dismantle them” since “99 percent of El Bolsón is afraid.”

“We want peace, this has been going on for many years, there have been different chained events that are related and that is why we demand that the federal Justice clarify and find the culprits because this cannot continue to happen,” he said and pointed against Jones Huala. “He has been a person who was behind many of the issues that were happening in the town. That he is back in this place worries, and a lot.” Later, in Cadena 3, the mayor of Bariloche, Gustavo Gennuso, made his presence. “We are tired of being governed from the Capital, with people who do not understand what is happening in the interior of the country,” he told Alberto Fernández, prior to a summary of his feelings about the letter sent to Governor Arabela Carreras.

“I thought the letter was terrible because we have a problem and it’s like a neighbor something happens to him and I say it’s someone else’s problem. I don’t do that. If I had to answer officially I could answer the governor privately but take out the media… they show the rest of the community the degree of helplessness. No one takes charge of situations. The governor has taken over and put everything she had to put in,” he said. It seems to me that it is disrespectful to the federalism of our country. The governor, Arabela Carreras, has taken charge, she has put everything she had to put in. Even the Rionegrin justice system has acted much more consistently than the Federal Justice. There are wrong policies and you don’t understand what’s going on, so it’s hard to find the solution. The previous national government also did not act well and there was a death in between,” he said.

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