Goic does not give in to sites and defends rejection of the project of the fourth withdrawal of 10%

“We ask her to discuss it again and for her to change her vote.” That’s what the president of the Christian Democracy, Carmen Frei, said, putting pressure on Senator Carolina Goic, who in La Tercera settled her vote against the project.
Despite the calls, and through a video, Senator Goic did not heed the request and defended her position, reiterating that advancing in more retirements affects the path to improve the pension system. “What we have to say with a lot of transparency and frankness is that if we continue along the path of retirements we will only make the dream of having a system that grants decent pensions more difficult,” he said.
“I also want to end the AFP system but that does not mean ending the pension savings of workers,” added the parliamentarian, who also said she understands and empathizes with the people who want to use these resources. “There is a reason why the social security systems in the world are compulsory savings and compulsory contributions,” he said.
His vote against complicates the possibility of giving the green light to the project, since 29 votes are required to approve, of which the opposition would have only 24 if everyone voted in favor. However, there would already be one less, with the rejection of Goic, which adds to the possibility that socialist Senator Carlos Montes follows the same path, and in doubt of what PPD Senator Ricardo Lagos Weber will do.
The scenario also complicates, according to the DC, its presidential candidate Yasna Provoste, who has led the efforts to make the fourth retreat in the Senate viable, where for some it tests her leadership capacity in the sector.

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