Rosario: Two men arrested for the murder of the architect

Recall that the murder of the architect Joaquín Pérez (34), happened last Tuesday, when he was shot during the attempted robbery of his car, in the Santa Fe city of Rosario.A spokesman for the investigation told Télam that “those people were tracked down and now they are looking for who provided the data to go to the Prosecutor’s Office to testify.” The complaint was not anonymous, but the person who made it had not been able to be located until noon today. The same source added that the prosecutor in the case, Adrián Spelta, officiated “measures to corroborate or not the data provided” by the complainant “and then the procedural situation of these people will be determined.” For now they were in a delayed capacity, until the data provided in the complaint can be corroborated or discarded.” There is nothing concrete for now in relation to the homicide, but the investigative tasks will be exhausted before determining its procedural situation,” said the spokesman consulted. The other novelty of the case for the crime of Pérez, murdered when he was about to store his car in a garage located around the corner from his house, in the Arroyito neighborhood of this city, is that he was killed with two firearms. So far, investigators had found a .40-caliber handgun in the victim’s Renault Clio, which one of the two assailants took away after shooting him, while the other escaped on a motorcycle. According to a ballistic expert conducted from remnants of ammunition found at the victim’s autopsy, investigators determined that a long .38 caliber was also used, sources in the case said. The murder of Pérez caused a great commotion in the neighborhood where he always lived and motivated a large concentration last Thursday in demand of greater security and demand for justice.

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