Rebounds to 24 pesos per liter of premium gasoline in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- One step away from reaching 24 pesos per liter again is premium gasoline in Culiacán, Sinaloa, this after the last rebound that was presented during the course of this month that caused the liter of this fuel to reach 23 pesos with 99 cents at the gas stations of the municipality. While the costs of the liter of gasoline magna and diesel have remained practically the same and without increases, or falls so far in the month of October, the gasoline magna has a contrary situation, this because a small approximate increase of 10 cents per liter caused again that this fuel maintains an upward trend in this month. Currently, the prices of a liter of gasoline in the municipality of Culiacán in the cheapest gas stations is 18 pesos with 90 cents the premium, 17 pesos with 60 cents the magna, 18 pesos with 79 cents the diesel. While the cost per liter at the most expensive gas stations is 23 pesos with 99 cents the premium, 21 pesos with 50 cents the magna and 22 pesos with 90 cents the diesel. At the beginning of October the price per liter in the cheapest establishments was 17 pesos with 60 cents per liter of gasoline magna, 18 pesos with 90 cents for premium gasoline and 17 pesos with 69 cents for diesel. Read more: Do you want to ‘pull’ the band? Musicians still do not have permission to work in pantheons of CuliacánWhile in the most expensive ones it remained at 21 pesos with 49 cents for gasoline magna, 23 pesos with 95 cents for premium gasoline and 22 pesos with 90 cents for diesel. AMLO minimizes sale of girls in Guerrero

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