‘The faculties were filled with conservatives’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterates that the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) was “right-wing” during the neoliberal period; He assured that the faculties of social sciences were filled with conservatives.
He questioned the role of the highest houses of studies “during the looting” of the country and assured that it was dominated by the “most retrograde”.
“I made a little question about UNAM and they also got very angry. As soon as I testified to them, I told them that the UNAM had been right-wing, I am absolutely sure that this was what happened throughout the neoliberal period, the faculties of social sciences were filled with conservatives.

“… What were they doing then at UNAM when the country was looted? We could not even go, I remember that in 2000, I was a candidate for head of government of the city, I accompanied the engineer Cárdenas and they organized a cell with porros, because the UNAM was dominated by the most retrograde that there was and continues to exist, and that they get angry because I say that it was right-wing, “he said.
The president continued his criticism of UNAM for the third consecutive morning conference; he pointed out that there was neoliberalism even in the period of Mexico’s current ambassador to the UN, Juan Ramón de la Fuente.
“Since then and since before they began to want to collect tuition at UNAM, imagine that thought, where it came from, because of neoliberal politics,” he said.

“What were they doing at UNAM when the country was looted?”
President @lopezobrador_ reaffirms that the UNAM was “right-wing” during the neoliberal period. He assures that the faculties of Social Sciences were filled with conservatives. pic.twitter.com/bKJtLwmRD9
— Animal Politico (@Pajaropolitico) October 25, 2021

López Obrador pointed out that it all began, more than 30 years ago, when international financial organizations decided on the neoliberal model, they began to put the so-called “structural reforms” and what they consist of, he said, “basically privatizing everything.”
AMLO’s criticism of UNAM
Last week, the president said that the neoliberal period in Mexico affected higher education institutions, including the UNAM that “lost its essence and became individualistic.”
A day later, he said the top house of studies had gone right-wing and asked academics and politicians who were upset by his comments.
Following López Obrador’s comments, UNAM responded that “the University’s historic commitment and solidarity with the nation is unquestionable.”
She pointed out that she has always been respectful of the different ideologies, currents of thought, political positions and opinions expressed by members of her community, her graduates or by anyone.
For his part, the former rector of the UNAM, José Narro, responded to the criticisms made by the president; he pointed out that in the university there is not a single current of thought and that as a university authority he never proselytized.
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