They maintain preventive detention for the former mayor of San Ramón

Today the Tenth Court of Guarantee of Santiago matuvo the precautionary measure of preventive detention for the former mayor of San Ramón, Miguel Ángel Aguilera.The former communal chief is formalized for the crimes of illicit enrichment, bribery and money laundering. The head of the court considered that the freedom of the accused represents a danger to society, in addition to estimating the existence of a danger of flight and the success of the investigation.” In short, here has been affected a legal good that is too important as is the public faith, together with how it was resolved at the time, that the position he held, the amounts he was receiving incorrectly and also the number of years for which he continued to commit this type of crime must be taken into consideration, “resolved Judge Marcela Dattas. “What he did was to use his position to – during the years in which he practiced – he was obtaining money illicitly. In short, the court therefore considers that his freedom constitutes a danger to the security of society, there is a danger of flight since if he were to be released he could try to escape from the action of justice and as explained by the Public Ministry, there may even be problems as soon as he alters or tries to alter the investigation or influence it, ” the judge added.

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