84% of the population vaccinated against COVID reported in the State of Mexico

Today, the importance of a doctor’s work has become very evident since COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world’s population. In addition to the constant effort made by all those who work in the health sector to save people’s lives during this crisis, the first in the trenches were doctors, paramedics, nurses and other staff, who exposed their own lives and went out of their way to attend and help as much as necessary to fulfill their mission.
On Monday, Governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza recognized doctors, nurses and health sector workers in the State of Mexico who lost their lives in the fight against COVID-19, thanking them for their commitment and sacrifice for the good of the people.
“Today we recognize and give recognition to some and some who, like many and many of you, have made a great commitment to health in our state. All great doctors, but they were also fathers, husbands, brothers, children. So today, to them and to all those who have lost their lives in this battle, giving theirs to save many other lives, on behalf of the entire State of Mexico, all our recognition and gratitude to them and their families. Thank you very much,” the governor said.

In this commemoration of the Day of Doctors and Doctors, the president emphasized that the work of the health sector is one of the most important pillars for the well-being of society, so for 84 years a day has been dedicated to them in recognition of their preparation, vocation and service.
He also stressed that health professionals in the State of Mexico from the first moment and strengthened to prevent, care for non-COVID patients and heal those infected, were diligent to care for patients in the best way.
Among other efforts, the governor stressed that the support of those who are dedicated to Medicine made possible a great advance in vaccination against the coronavirus, since in the entity more than 17 million 300,000 doses have been applied, which represents a coverage close to 84% of the population of the State of Mexico. In addition, he emphasized that this work is the largest at the national level, and has allowed to gradually resume normality.

Regardless of COVID, more than 500,000 deliveries have been attended in the current administration and more than 37 million doses of vaccines have been applied in ordinary programs, as well as more than one million 400,000 consultations to treat diabetes or obesity, while the mortality of children under five years decreased 27% in the last four years, and of the 1,221 health centers in the state, 513 are rehabilitated.
Del Mazo announced that more than 7 million 700,000 actions have also been carried out to fight against breast cancer, such as examinations, consultations, explorations to prevent, detect and treat that disease.
At the event, the governor presented examinations to doctors from various health institutions of Edomex, as well as relatives of health personnel who lost their lives in the battle against COVID-19.
He also recognized the merit of all those doctors, nurses, paramedics, stretcher bearers, and health and maintenance personnel who, fulfilling their commitment, have managed to save lives and give hope to families. Finally, he thanked on behalf of Mexican society for their work and sacrifice.
“With the greatest enthusiasm and commitment and with great dedication they managed to save many, thousands, hundreds of thousands of lives in our state. Today on the Day of the Doctors we want to thank and recognize you for that great work, for that great commitment to help so many families in the State of Mexico. Thank you very much to the doctors of the State of Mexico,” he said.
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