Sichel leaves Chile’s Podemos Más parties free to act: “What we do not accept is blackmail”

The presidential candidate of Chile Vamos, Sebastián Sichel, made a press point to refer to the latest support that the UDI parliamentarians have expressed to his counterpart from the Republican party, José Antonio Kast.In the instance, Sichel left free of action to parties of the coalition that groups the UDI, RN, Evópoli and the PRI, and to “take definitions” ahead of the November elections. In that line, the former Minister of Social Development said that “we wanted to build a large majority of center and center right to lead the Chile that comes.” While some of us want to offer a future project since independence with the parties, we have realized that others, going beyond the democratic commitment they had taken, want to return to the past, to support an old right,” he added. He also criticized that “the terrible thing is that in addition to returning to the past, it is that they do not respect the agreements of the primary and are not willing to respect basic democracy, support the independent who won, keep their word and advance to those changes. Clearly it seems that they supported this collective project only when it suited them and did not have a conviction of democratic changes just looked at the poll of the day.” I want to ask the parties to feel free to act to make the decision they want regarding their party supporters,” he said, adding that “what we will not accept is the blackmail of those who want me to be transformed into someone I am not.” And he reiterated that “what we do not accept is the blackmail of those who move for convenience and turn around when today we need a diverse project.” We will not build ditches where Chileans want to build agreements,” Sichel said, alluding to the proposals proposed by Kast.After the statement of the former secretary of state, the president of National Renewal, Francisco Chahuán, spoke with 24 Horas and confirmed support for Sebastián Sichel by the party.

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