UNAM did not publish books on government corruption: AMLO

Mexico.- Not a single book took out the UNAM on corruption in the neoliberal period, during which a looting was carried out greater than that which occurred in La Conquista, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.In the Morning conference of this October 26, 2021, AMLO again attacked the Autonomous University of Mexico, because he maintains that the educational institution was right-wing in the last 30 years, since the government of Calor Salinas de Gortari.” They feel offended because I said that the UNAM had been right-wing, and I also support it, of course the UNAM was right-wing in the neoliberal period, because they did not say anything during the largest looting in the history of Mexico, nothing,” AMLO said during the Morning conference.Read more: Justice at the service of money! This accusation against the UNAM comes to add to the statements made by the Mexican president in the last three morning conferences, where he has insisted on this political position that has been adopted by the main house of studies in Mexico. ” Help me to find the books of the UNAM during the neoliberal period questioning the corruption that prevailed for 36 years, to see how many treatises of books, essays on corruption? How many treatises, books, essays, on the delivery of goods from the nation to individuals in the government of Salinas?”, he questioned the media at the National Palace in Mexico City.AMLO commented knowing that Gabriel Quadri, former opponent for the presidency of Mexico, was proposing to call a march to defend the UNAM from the statements, that the Mexican president has done.” Now they are saying, we are offended president, we are going to march against the president and I say, hopefully and they will do it, even if it is against us. Against conservatism they had a kind of political tyranny,” AMLO concluded about the UNAM. Read more: Loret de Mola: The old PRI is already in MorenaCabely note that after the statements about the UNAM of the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as with other controversial assertions, the opponents have begun to position themselves against, defending the maximum house of studies, to which academics and graduates have joined in social networks. Even former rectors and teachers have launched messages and challenges to President López Obrador, who has only minimized them without changing his agenda at the conference. AMLO minimizes sale of girls in Guerrero

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