Alfredo Castro to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at La Serena Film Festival

Chilean actor Alfredo Castro will be the special guest of the 7th La Serena International Film Festival, where his relevant career in various national and Latin American films will be awarded.
Actor, director and founder of the company Teatro La Memoria, Castro is one of the most respected figures in theater, television and national cinema. He has received several awards at international festivals such as Guadalajara, Venice, Malaga, Havana, among others.
The 2021 edition of the festival, which will be of mixed format between virtuality and face-to-face, and is taking place until Saturday, October 30, an instance that will have the participation of Castro, who acts in three outstanding films of the cultural event.

Castro’s main appearance will be in “Immersion” (2021) directed by Nicolás Postiglione, a national suspense thriller that stars and will be a regional premiere, since it will have its commercial premiere in 2022. The film will be shown in person at the closing of the festival on Saturday, October 30 and will be attended by members of the team and the actor in its presentation.
“Karnawal”–co-production between Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Norway and Bolivia–, by Argentine director Juan Pablo Félix, winner of the Golden Biznaga for Best Ibero-American Film and Best Supporting Actor (Alfredo Castro) at the Malaga Film Festival 2021; is another of the award-winning international films that can be enjoyed in person at the Municipal Theater of La Serena.
“Blanco en blanco” directed by the Spanish-Chilean filmmaker Théo Court, premiered in 2019 at the Venice Film Festival and a pioneer in winning the Best Director award of the Orizzonti Section of the contest, will be another of the outstanding films starring Alfredo Castro in theaters.
At the same time, Castro will participate in the conversation “Cinema of yesterday and today” with actors, actresses and audiovisual filmmakers from the Coquimbo region, addressing his career from the beginning in acting and his teachings in the course of his artistic career. The event will be held at the Teatro Puerto de La Serena on Saturday, October 30 at 12:00 pm and will be moderated by Roberto Matus, renowned casting director.
The La Serena International Film Festival will feature more than 60 award-winning regional, national and international films to enjoy from home and in person, free of charge with tickets and limited capacity.
Among the outstanding films is “Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos” by Claudia Huaiquimilla, a film recognized at the Guadalajara International Film Festival with the award for Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actor, and which tells the story of a group of young people trying to escape from a youth prison, will be another of the stellar films in person.
Also, the Chilean animated short films for adults “Bestia”, inspired by the life of Ingrid Olderock, mayor of the Carabineros and former agent of the DINA in the ’70s, and “Los Huesos”, stop-motion that had among its executive producers the acclaimed American director of horror cinema, Ari Aster, will be exhibited.

To enjoy with the family will be “Ainbo: the Warrior of the Amazon”, an animated blockbuster co-produced between Peru and the Netherlands, which tells the story of a young woman from the Amazon jungle who together with her friends will try to save her village from an ecological catastrophe.
Another outstanding Chilean film on display will be “La Verónica”, directed by Leo Medel that had its world premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival and that deals with the story of a model (Mariana Di Girolamo) obsessed with gaining followers on social networks, married to a famous footballer and who hides a dark secret.
“Redención”, by director Diego Rojas Sastre, and “Historia de un crack” by Mario Selim Alcayaga, both films shot and produced in the Coquimbo region, will be the great local premieres of the event.
FECILS is a project financed by the Audiovisual Development Fund of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, and which has among its collaborators the University of La Serena, the municipalities of La Serena and Vicuña.

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