Annuities: Parliamentarians reject insurers’ warning to go to court

Different parliamentarians rejected the warnings of the lawyers of the insurers, about resorting to courts if the second advance of annuities is approved. This, within the framework of the fourth withdrawal of funds from the AFPs. The deputy Alejandra Sepúlveda (FRVS), described the fact as a “threat”, assuring that “they have just been blackmailing and threatening us in the National Congress and that is absolutely unpresentable, that is, today the insurers through their lawyers are notifying us and are blackmailing and threatening us if we approve the second advance for pensioners for annuities”. 640 thousand people, 640 thousand retirees of annuities are waiting for their second retirement and what the insurers and their lawyers do is blackmail us by saying that they are going to take us to court the deputies who vote in favor, they do not have the right to do this because here we have an autonomy of the National Congress , ” Added. Deputy Daniel Núñez, followed the same line and made his disclaimers through social networks. For his part, the parliamentarian René Saffirio, replied that “no threat of any economic power, of any nature, will be able to produce the effect of desisting from the will that this project be approved in the Senate in its entirety, in such a way that everything that comes from the point of view of the management that we have resolved to carry out, it is associated with defending our own legislative powers for which we have been elected and on behalf of Chileans. And not from the interests of large companies of domestic and foreign insurance companies.”

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