Matías Martin said he had cancer: “I had a horrible time”

On the day of his 51st birthday, host and journalist Matías Martin took a moment to speak on his radio program “Todo Pasa” about the complicated moment of health he went through in recent years. Apart from the least of the least, we are a team and a group, it seems to me that there is affection, there is affection, there is respect, there is a wave between all of us. And the truth is, I never chose to victimize myself. It seems to me that today the victim has the immediate empathy of the whole world. But hey, those of us who always choose to try to demand ourselves to improve, to learn or to try to understand a little what happens to us, we also have bad times,” Martin said in his cycle that is broadcast on FM Urbana Play.Al time to explain the delicate state of health he went through, the journalist confessed: “The truth is that in the last four years, while they were virtuous, cute and had a lot of things, I had very ugly, very hard moments, which I never wanted to tell. I had cancer, I had depression, I had panic attacks, and I had a horrible time. And that’s why today I’m so glad to be well.” I don’t like to put myself in that victim place. For others it works, it comes out and they have the affection of everyone instantly. Because today the victim is the new rockstar,” said Martin.Al referring to the decision not to tell this fact, the host closed: “I preferred to rebuild myself in silence and be in this moment of fullness, of total love with my children and of great confidence to face this program.” 

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