“Pollo” Fuentes will have documentary: “For my grandchildren to believe that tata was popular”

On the day of his 74th birthday José Alfredo Fuentes, the “Chicken” Fuentes, learned that he had been distinguished by the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Performers (SCD) as a Fundamental Figure of Chilean Music 2021. An award that, he says, he received happily and with humility, because “it has been received by outstanding figures of Chilean music, so sometimes I doubt that I am receiving it too.” The last recipient had been Eduardo Gatti in 2020, who received a series of tributes that are part of the distinction, including the documentary “El Canto Propio”, which covers his work and which premiered in September. A tribute that Fuentes will also receive that will review his 55 years of career and that he himself says half jokingly that it will serve him “so that my grandchildren believe that the tata was popular”. “I am already honored that they are talking about a documentary, no matter how small it is, it will be inscribed in history,” says the interpreter of “Te perdí” and other successes. With just 18 years Fuentes began his musical career in 1966 and quickly became a phenomenon never before seen in the country. “I could hardly circulate in the streets and I had to leave protected from where I sang and that there were hundreds of thousands of girls enrolled in different fan clubs throughout Chile,” recalls the musician while reflecting on the merits of his extensive career. ” And there have been songs that are part of Chilean popular musical history, such as ‘Te perdí’, which even the goats know. So I think that beyond all this musical trajectory there is a closeness with people, “adds who also made an extensive career in television as an animator. More stagesSinccount that since they lifted some of the restrictions to do live shows, he has made about 15 presentations with limited capacity and that he has scheduled about 10 more, “as long as people get vaccinated and behave well and let us work”. “I am grateful to have been able to realize myself through my vocation, which is music. What I like to do most is sing; I am very grateful to have received this award in life and I ask that life give me some more time to continue singing which is my passion, “he reflects.

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