She launched a call to go to a recital with her “future boyfriend” and received hundreds of offers

“Stay Homas” is one of the favored bands of Celeste Giardinelli, a young journalist who starred in one of the most spectacular virals of the year. The Spanish ensemble would play in November and, as is often the day, Celeste had no one to accompany her to the concert. Betting on the future, he did not hesitate and took out two tickets in the hope of getting a companion for that date. But, things got out of hand when the 20-year-old influencer decided to publish her call on Twitter where she has almost 15,000 followers.” I just got 2 tickets to go see the band I like with whoever my boyfriend is in November. This is investing,” he published on September 26 and added with a very formal tone: “I attach my mailbox,” he specified without thinking that the joke would go so far.

I just got 2 tickets to go see the band I like with whoever my boyfriend is in November. This is investing. — Celes (@GiardinelliC)
September 26, 2021

In a couple of hours the tweet went viral: it obtained more than 60 thousand “likes”, more than 1,500 retweets and the young woman’s email box had already received dozens of messages applying for the position of “future boyfriend”. In total, there were 86 emails, in addition to direct messages and replies to the tweet. Speaking to, the Outer Space Science, Technology and Environmentalism columnist told details of the hilarious episode: “I started receiving resumes from past relationships. ‘ First relationship, from such a date to such a date, we cut because such,'” he said with a laugh. But, in addition to receiving the love history of the male suitors – as he had indicated in his application – Cele summoned all kinds of aspirants: “I also received messages from girls in plan ‘if you are cake well, but we can be friends’. It was all very funny,” he told
The goal was clear: I wanted to attend the recital of “Stay Homas” accompanied. But, despite their fanaticism, none of the candidates had any idea of his music. “I don’t think any of those who emailed me had any idea what the band was. In fact, the guy I went out with hadn’t heard a single song,” he said. Even so, Celeste made an exit with the famous candidate. Nobleza obliges, after such an impact the girl shared the continuation of her love story with her followers and told when and how she met the boy: “Well, I’M RIGHT NOW IN SAN TELMO WITH HIM,” she wrote on Twitter and attached a photo of the dinner that took place in a still life in her neighborhood.
The range of possibilities had suddenly become wide. But, Celeste applied a more than fair criterion to choose her companion: “The truth was that it was by right of floor. He was the first one who spoke to me and was one of the most acclaimed in networks, “he detailed about the boy with whom he finally met. It took a month to answer him and it was super formal: “Hello, I apologize for the delay in my response is that I had to solve a couple of personal issues. Now I am open to exits. Tell me which place is most comfortable for you to coordinate the meeting,” he said, replying to his response. His answer was not far behind: “I am glad to receive an answer. I am interested in continuing this communication by text message,” he said, citing the boy’s email. “It was very funny because the truth neither of us had any kind of hope,” he confessed.
The truth is that the appointment started a little unsuccessful: “Poor chabón, I had him waiting downstairs from my house for several minutes. He lives far away, I live in Capital. He came and after an hour of travel I had him waiting 15 minutes. When he arrived I was just getting out of the shower. I’m the worst,” she said. Dinner was a great fun. We had dinner with thousands more people because we made all the food by answering questions on Instagram. Then, he was showing his hands and was answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with his fingers and they asked him questions, “he detailed about the meeting that continued at home familiarizing the boy with the music of the band they would go to see. Beyond his personal story, one of the most beautiful repercussions was the list of people who, from the viral, decided to share with Cele their own love stories: “I received emails with issues such as ‘Hello, I do not want to apply for boyfriend but as I saw that you like love stories I want to tell you mine’. People who sat down to write an email tell me their story,” he said.

Despite the romantic glow that stained the story from beginning to end, the journalist called the bond “rari” but made an exception: “The idea is that this will last until November 11. I don’t have much hope either. Nothing is missing. On the 11th he would be my concert partner,” he said. Now there is only waitingar to date to meet again in the Backroom with his headband.

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