Start the Master Class from Composer to Composer

Sinaloa.- This Monday began the first edition of Master Class from Composer to Composer in the capital of Sinaloa where authors of different ages and from all over the country, as well as Colombia and Spain were present.The renowned radio programmer, businessman, composer and record producer Pepe Garza welcomed this important composition camp, where he was amazed by the number of young people who seek to know the process of composition from the inspiration to write the lyrics to its conclusion when an artist records the theme.” It is a way to help the new generations of composers, contribute or little of things that perhaps did not teach us at the time and is the main objective of this Master Class, “said Gussy Lau, singer and composer who is opening the way to the industry and positioning herself as a figure of the Mexican regional, who has composed several hits for Christian Nodal, Ángela Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar, Calibre 50, Julión Álvarez, among others. Support new talents On Tuesday night, a carpet was held where Omar Tarazón, Los 2 de la S, Gussy Lau, among others, were present, where they were excited and enthusiastic to support and inspire the new generations. Read more: Sinaloa registers an increase in deaths from Covid-19 “We are proud and that they have taken us into account gives us joy to be able to put a grain of sand to young people and to open the panorama to all the people who come behind one, in what we can support and inform them, we feel that it will add and that our experience serves them”, indicated The 2 of the S for DEBATE.

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