The strongest fight between Pablo Montero and Alicia Machado

A new fight broke out in La Casa de Los Famosos and is that Pablo Montero of 47 years said everything to Alicia Machado of 44, this after there will be fewer participants in the reality show. According to the fans of Pablo Montero what he is doing is nothing more than a strategy for everyone to go against the former Miss Universe, apparently this is because he sees her as one of the strongest rivals of La Casa de Los Famosos.It was in the bedroom where the Mexican singer confronted the Venezuelan where he told her everything, since she was an unededated woman, until she has never managed to do anything in her career statements that gave the artist a lot. For her part, the beautiful woman who accused him of lying, because not only did she tell her that her career is going downhill but she expresses herself very badly from her housemates behind her back, a comment that made the discussion stronger between the two, because they came to the offenses. Although at first these celebrities allied not only to take care of themselves in the program but to strengthen a friendship, this fell apart, because for those who do not know both are very strong in character. The only thing they had in common at the time was that on a couple of occasions they faced Celia Lora who had a similar fight with Pablo Mantero where there was also everything in the discussion from things of the past to offenses. It is worth mentioning that the also actor of telenovelas assured that Alicia Machado would never be like Gaby Spanic in the facet of actress, because he compared her in the protagonists that La Usurpadora has had throughout her career compared to what Machado has done on the small screen. ” Alice never said anything hurtful to Paul, and this little man was to talk to him like that and tell him all that in front of everyone else”, “Everyone has spoken horrible about Alice, they make fun of her, they stab her in the back, and now everyone says that the one who speaks badly is Alice, when everyone there speaks behind everyone’s back”, write the networks. –

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