Boric stated that “I don’t feel part of an extreme; I feel part of a majority in Chile”

The presidential candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric, referred to the new location of his New Social Pact contender, Yasna Provoste, who accused him of not making his government program transparent.The deputy of the Broad Front said that “I understand that Senator Provoste presented her program on Sunday. We presented a primary program. You can see it on our page, proposals in more than 30 matters, we have been talking permanently and on Monday we will present more details of a government plan.” “It seems to us that we have always acted transparently and in the face of the country in this regard,” he added. Provoste maintained that his “competence is the extremes” to which Boric said that “I do not feel part of an extreme; I feel part of a majority in Chile that wants transformations with security, that wants to move towards a state that guarantees social and universal rights, that wants greater dignity, that wants greater justice, that is what we represent today and that is what we hope to convene.” We have to get out of the controversy between the candidates, raise the level, hopefully give discussion regarding public policies, that’s what we’re going to be focused on,” he concluded.

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