Easy recipe for making homemade chocolate mousse

One of the most beloved ingredients that exist is undoubtedly chocolate, whether you enjoy it in its most natural presentation or in the immense amount of sweets and dishes that exist, it is a flavor that falls in love with children and adults, so today we share this recipe for chocolate mousse so you can easily and with few ingredients surprise everyone at home with this delicious dessert. This recipe is for 4 servings and its degree of difficulty is low. Read more: Chocolate and Nutella chocolates, easy and delicious recipe for dessertRetendents for making chocolate mousse: 50 grams of butter 250 grams of semi-bitter chocolate 5 eggs 2 tablespoons of salt sugar. Preparation mode: Preparing this mousse is very easy, the first step to achieve this is to melt the butter and keep it at room temperature, for this you can melt it in periods of ten seconds in the microwave and stir, once it is ready and at a good temperature continue to grate the chocolate and integrate it into the melted butter. In a separate bowl and with the help of your blender at medium speed, adding the salt, beat the whites of the 5 eggs continuously until they sponge and reserve in the refrigerator for 30 minutes so that they have a manageable consistency and after this time, add the sugar and beat again until it integrates perfectly, then heat a steel plate in a bain-marie and empty the mixture, stirring until it thickes. Once this thick is time to add the butter with the chocolate you previously prepared, add 1/3 of the whites and stir until integrated, once it is perfectly mixed add the rest without beating so that it acquires a smooth appearance and without compressing, when you finish adding the empty butter to a mold and let it cool for 3 hours in the refrigerator. After these three hours it is ready to be served in individual dishes and accompany with your favorite drink, it is advisable to remove it from the refrigerator and split a few small pieces to spread on the plate, in this way you can accompany the portions of different sizes and it will have a better presentation. Read more: Three milk cake with chocolate, easy homemade dessertTips for this recipe: You can accompany some strawberries or blackberries or pomegranate Add as decoration whipped cream You can also decorate with some cocoa powder.

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