Minsal comes to the step of relaxation in the face of covid-19 and puts the accelerator to vaccinate laggards: Paris warns that “there is no understanding of the danger of this virus”

On the same day that the highest number of new cases of covid-19 since July 15 was registered, the authorities of the Ministry of Health resumed the balances of Thursdays, came to the step of the increase in cases and assured that this is explained by the increase in mobility and because “basic health standards are not met”.
During the balance of this Thursday, the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris said that “without a doubt, this increase in the number of infections is the result of the decrease in restrictions, with which we have agreed, but also of the increase in mobility, and mainly because unfortunately the basic health standards are not met.”
“We have seen images in which it is striking how some people wipe their noses with their hands, one person cleans the other, they clean themselves in the grass. That obviously indicates that there is no understanding of the dangerousness of this virus. It is important to note that the fact that as a Ministry of Health we decrease restrictions does not mean for any reason that the pandemic is over. As a society we must be even more responsible with our behaviors,” added the head of the Minsal.
Likewise, the head of the Health Ministry drew the attention of the regions of Magallanes, Aysén, Coquimbo and Los Lagos, which are the ones with the greatest increase in confirmed cases.
He also expressed his concern about “the large number of people who have not put on the booster dose. It’s important for people to have the immunity to prevent serious illness, hospitalizations and death.”
Right now, there are more than 1 million people over the age of 55 who have not been vaccinated with the booster dose. “Cases are on the rise, and it’s important that people have the immunity to prevent becoming seriously ill, being hospitalized in intensive care and dying, and this is mainly achieved with the booster dose.”
In the wake of this situation, the Secretary of State announced that “we have left an exclusive day to facilitate the vaccination of booster doses for laggards of 55 years or more.”
He also ruled out that municipalities do not have vaccines: “It is unusual the news we have seen from some municipalities that say they do not have vaccines. That’s incredible because we’ve received and will continue to receive vaccines throughout the rest of the year.”
“Municipalities can ask for what they need and in fact we are going to give them, in addition to what they ask for, 10% more for any extra need they have. They cannot blame us for not having vaccines, we must speed up and optimize the vaccination strategy,” he concluded.

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