The Mar del Plata International Film Festival is coming with a new agreement: When will it be held?

The National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the Municipality of General Pueyrredón, signed today a collaboration agreement to carry out the 36th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, which will take place between November 18 and 28. The president of the Festival, Fernando Juan Lima, together with the general producer, Cecilia Diez, the mayor of the Municipality of General Pueyrredón, Guillermo Montenegro, and the Secretary of Culture of the City of Mar del Plata, Carlos Balmaceda signed an agreement of cooperation and joint work for the realization of the next edition of the Festival, with the aim of complying with the care and protocols imposed by COVID 19 and facing this edition with the greater presence that allows it in these circumstances. The initiative was worked in articulation between INCAA and the Municipality of General Pueyrredón, within the framework of the health circumstances that today allow designing a festival with face-to-face activities in the city of Mar del Plata and others with online modality. Lima valued “the effort and commitment of INCAA, the Province and the Municipality, to make the Festival as normal as possible, respecting the essence that has to do with the meeting”, and in this way confirmed the realization of the Festival that will take place in the balnearea city. ” We have been working hard so that they can see it from all over the country and from the world. That those who work in the industry and the press can find out what is happening in Mar del Plata in real time, from anywhere in the world,” he said. He also stressed that “it is very important that it can continue to be carried out uninterruptedly since 1996”, and assured that “this Festival is for everyone, but especially for Mar del Plata”. For his part, Mayor Guillermo Moreno added: “It is important that the Festival be held in our city because it is very important in general for the film industry, but in particular for the generation of cultural events, which as well as sports, recreational, and an agenda for the whole year, generate employment.” We like that our city can be shown all over the world, because we have the most beautiful city and it fills me with pride that it is seen” and he especially thanked “the joint work that we were able to carry out from the Municipality together with the teams of the Festival, of Nation, and of Province, so that it can be carried out”. Adding to the statements, the Secretary of Culture, said that “it is an extraordinary cultural and tourist event that is part of our identity. The people of Marplate are proud to be the hosts of the only Latin American Class A Film Festival. For 10 days the world looks at us.” It should be noted that the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), promotes cinematographic activity in all its forms, and on its screens films of various origins, themes and styles are exhibited. In it, the tradition of classic cinema coexists with new trends, new voices and new technologies. Every year, more than 130,000 spectators accompany its programming – which has more than 300 titles – and its special activities, which bring together national and international guests.

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