Checo Pérez did not want to take risks that were not worth it

This Saturday the Sprint race of the Brazilian Grand Prix was held where the starting grid for this Sunday was defined, right there the Finn Valtteri Bottas stayed with the pole, followed by Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, in the fourth position appeared the Mexican Sergio “Checo” Pérez who had some doubts during the race because he has revealed that he could do much more to stay with the third position with which he started but which was to risk much more. The Mexican after finishing the race spoke to the media and stressed that he leaves a little doubtful since at times in the race there were opportunities that on paper could have sounded good but taking them to practice would not have been good options so they decided not to risk everything for something that maybe could go wrong, “We should not take unnecessary risks for today”, were the words of Checo Pérez who this Sunday in the first attempt will want to get once again among the best 3.But that was not all since as happened yesterday in practice and in qualifying, the issue of the track and not warming up the tires earned a bad start to both Checo and Verstappen and the Mexican himself He confessed since that he affirmed that both lost the position they had at the start, his partner as leader and he as third, the worst thing is that they no longer recovered the places and had to do their best to avoid falling more, during the following laps everything improved. Read more: Formula 1: Valterri Bottas takes pole at the Brazilian GP; Checo Pérez will start 4th”We had a bad start. I think Max had a worse start. I lost the position with Sainz. Then in the first laps we were better, but the tyres warmed up,” added the third place of last weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix. To close the interview Checo promised the fans that for this Sunday with the race they will look for a better start and add points to help Red Bull especially Max to add to catch Hamilton.  Checo Pérez will start 4th this Sunday at the Brazilian GP | Photo: EFE A day before Checo Pérez had already shown a little of his doubts with this Sprint race because in the first two that had been used they were not at all favorable for him achieving bad places that in the end did not train any points or very few for what the team is looking for. That is why he declared that he did not like it very much, he assured that he would wait until today to know if it would suit him and it was a 50-50 since he lost the position but remains within podium possibilities. The Brazilian Grand Prix race will be at 11:00 am (Central Mexico) and can be seen live on Fox Sports, this is one of the last races of the 2021 Formula 1 season and is getting more and more closed to the point that everything could be defined in the last race. 

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