Elections 2021 in San Juan: the Frente de Todos led in the province

On a day with greater citizen participation than in the PASO (Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory), the Frente de Todos led in the province of San Juan.The ruling party was consecrated as the first force, headed by Walberto Enrique Allende, with 42.89% of the elections. While in second place, the most voted list was that of Together for Change, with Susana Alicia Laciar, with 38.25%.

Walberto Allende topped the list of the Frente de Todos in San Juan | Twitter

“I urge all San Juan residents to transfer their hope in the vote they cast on this election day,” the elected deputy for the pro-government front said through his social networks. Consensus Ischigualasto, was the third force, represented by Marcelo Arancibia with 8.99% of the votes. And as fourth the Left Front with 6.89%, being headed by Cristian Jurado.

This Sunday, November 14, a greater participation was registered: 75% attended to exercise their citizen right to elect their next representatives in Congress, unlike in the PASO, which attended 67.28%.
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