Foundation files lawsuit for striped cow with slogans in favor of J.A. Kast

The Lawyers for Animals Foundation (APLA) filed a complaint for the crime of animal abuse before the Court of Guarantee of Puerto Montt, in front of a video that went viral this week, in which a cow is seen scratched with slogans in favor of the presidential candidate of the Christian Social Front, José Antonio Kast.
The incident occurred in Puerto Montt, during an event held at the Cattlemen’s Fair (Fegosa). In the register the striped cow is seen with the slogans “Vote Kast”, on one side, ;” or to the slaughterhouse”, in the other, and “2”, in the head of the animal, in reference to the number of the candidate for La Moneda on the electoral ballot.
“In the recording you can see how the cow is beaten and how it flees in fear from the one who beats it, achieving the objective of those who exhibit it: to make political propaganda,” the APLA Foundation said in a statement.
“Animals are not objects with which we can do what we want, they are sentient beings and we are not going to remain immobile in the face of injustice,” they added.
“Animal abuse is not just physical suffering. Animals, like us, have sensitive experiences and consciousness, being able to feel stress and fear, what we usually call suffering, an element found in the criminal type of animal abuse,” the group concluded.

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