Martín Tetaz: “Markets usually react to surprise, not confirmation”

Martin Tetaz said today that, “Markets normally react to surprise, not confirmation. If what they expect is confirmed, there should be no change and, on the contrary, if the market perhaps waits with concern for some rather untimely reaction that does not occur, better for everyone because the result of the markets will be even better. ”

The economist said that there is “a little less fear” when it comes to going to vote “because the coronavirus is giving way and we are all more vaccinated”, and judged this general election as “more important” than the PASO, in addition to the “beautiful day” in the city of Buenos Aires.Regarding the call for dialogue prepared by the national government, he said that “first I think they have to call for a dialogue between them. and agree among themselves.” And he maintained that the opposition is willing to debate in the area that “the Constitution has for this,” which is the Congress.He added that “Argentina is clearly giving a cultural discussion about some of the great reforms it has to do, that is clear, and that is partly judging in addition to the management of the pandemic in this election; we’ll see if the polls confirm it.”
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