Ministry of Culture and Municipality of La Reina inaugurate movie theater

The Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Consuelo Valdés, together with the mayor of the Municipality of La Reina, José Manuel Palacios, inaugurated the new cinema “Sala Nemesio”, located in the Casona Nemesio Antúnez Center, located on Avenida Alcalde Fernando Castillo Velasco of the commune. The new “Sala Nemesio” comes to renew the film scene of the capital, offering a space for national cinema, authors, distributors and producers. It is equipped with a high-level DCP projector, Dolby 5.1 sound system, professional curtain and UV sanitization. Improvements that were possible thanks to the Audiovisual Development Fund 2020 of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, for a total of $ 12,539,737. The room will have a complete program that includes documentaries, cycles of animated classics, cinema art and much more. In this sense, Mayor Palacios stressed that “as a Municipality we are proud to inaugurate this new space that will allow our neighbors to enjoy a movie, with a good sound, with the best image. And the best. is that all this will be free or at a very low cost, because we know that many times the neighbors do not have the resources to go to the cinema and pay a ticket, now with the Sala Nemesio they will be able to come and enjoy, with the best technologies, a film “. The room has UV sanitization, alcohol gel before entering, social distancing, limited capacity of 62 people. A mobility pass and mask will be requested at all times.

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