Sewage leak kills fish in Mazatlan estuary

Dozens of fish were found dead in the extension of the Yugo estuary, which is located next to a well-known hotel on Cerritos Avenue, in the city of Mazatlan. A strong pestilent smell can be perceived throughout the body of water, which presents a decrease in the level of liquid. On one side of the small lagoon you can see a flow of sewage, which originates from a leak that is on Cerritos Avenue.Workers of hotels and surrounding subdivisions, commented that the problem was approximately 2 months old. Read more: Mazatlan merchants raise their voices for increases to the basic basketThe people affected by the foul smells called on the authority to give a solution to the drainage leak, which has already begun to affect the ecological environment of the lagoon. Balloon hits the roof of a house and throws the jar in León
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