A woman could relieve AMLO in the presidency of Mexico

Sinaloa, Mexico .- “The time we live in gives us the guideline for a woman to access the maximum representation of the Executive Power, the preparation exists, the people exist and the possibility exists. I do not see anything that can prevent, from this moment, that a woman plays with honor, intelligence and dignity the position of president of the republic, “said the political analyst and columnist of Debate, Nora Alicia Arellano Chávez.In this sense, she said she was happy to see a reality in the participation of women in the public space and for this, She said, education has been a very important pillar and a foundation that has allowed women to be present in the activities of their community, companies and public service. “Undoubtedly, this part of education added to the participation of the economy has made women, outside the private space that is the home, go out into society with a very important impetus of proposals and actions that are improving the lives of communities and society.” Read more: Las Semaneras de Rocha Moya in Sinaloa, an “improved” replica of AMLONora Arellano’s lectures, urged women to reflect on their performance in public space and in the public service. Advances in the political field “Many years ago, access to electoral representation we had in an election of 70-30 with respect to men and usually 70 was the participation of men, then we had another struggle and increased 10 percent to 40-60 and it is curious, because although it is not determined by law that one of the genders had 60 or 40, we understood that because we were women we had the most vulnerable part in terms of the recognition of political participation and that weakness told us that we had to go for more than 30 and reach 40, not because we could not have 60, but because reality at that time told us no. Then, after another request and follow-up of policy that has been promoted from the United Nations (UN) to all member countries, seeking substantive equality between men and women, it was already glimpsed a few years ago that we had total parity, that is, in par 50-50 of representation in public offices, which has extended to participation in public administrations,” he explained. With this, he said, apparently the ground is even and it is where, with these conditions of equality, now by culture, they have to seek that representation, both in the part of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Power has to assert that condition.  Analysts recognize the preparation of important female figures in politics. Image: Debate Debt For her part, Karla Doig Alvear, also a political analyst and columnist for Debate, acknowledged the rapid progress that women have had in the public sphere, whose achievement began with the opportunity to vote since 1953. The role of women in decision-making positions has been good, however, on the political issue I feel that there is a lack of substance to that parity, because it is not only a matter of being there, but also of being able to express ourselves freely and there are still many obstacles for women to express themselves fully, since there is still a lot of violence against women, a lot of discrimination, a lot of machismo, especially in politics that does not allow us to advance so much. We have reached positions, even in the labor issue where the participation rate has increased, but it is lacking, because the more progress is made, the more obstacles there are. Women have a different character from men, women are more sensitive, more analytical, we have other qualities that are important to mention.” In this sense, Karla Doig Alvear considered it fair that a woman aspires to govern the country, in addition, she said, it is a debt that Mexico has with women, since there have been 67 male presidents and no women. “Men and women are equal, we have the same abilities. Of course it is fair, it is time to change history, I recently read an article that was titled with the question that if Mexico is ready to be governed by a woman, and in reality it is not that it is ready, that is, the cultural changes are promoted by us, in addition to the fact that it suits Mexico a woman in the presidency, but not only for being a woman, but a woman who has capacity, experience, character, tables and there are many women with those characteristics. Of course it’s fair and it’s time to change that masculine mentality that has ruled throughout history to a mentality that sees more for women’s priorities as well.” She acknowledged having heard various names of women with the possibility of being candidates for the Presidency of the Republic and relievingPresident Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), among them mentioned Claudia Sheinbaum, Margarita Zavala, Tatiana Clouthier, Lilly Téllez, Xóchitl Gálvez, Patricia Mercado, Josefina Vázquez Mota and Beatriz Paredes.Characters of 2024 On the possibility of a woman being a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in 2024, political analyst Nora Arellano recalled the women who have already participated in this role, however, he said, it has been in unfavorable circumstances in terms of the representation of political parties.” They didn’t have enough voter voting to get them into elected office, so it would be the first time I’ve had it. Perhaps Josefina Vázquez Mota, being a PAN candidate with the PAN in power, could have been a figure who arrived, but those were other circumstances that prevented her from reaching the position of the Presidency of the Republic.” At present, looking towards 2024, Nora Arellano considered that in all political parties women are already in conditions and have the experience and preparation to reach the position of representation.” The aspiration to the presidency, I believe that there are women, especially in the national context, to seek the representation of political parties and aspire to be presidents of the republic with great viability to become one. Obviously, the governor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, is marked on the stage of the party in power and they see her as a possible candidate for Morena.” In the PAN, he said, there are also very relevant figures who could aspire to the candidacy. “In particular, I would opt for a figure like Xóchitl Gálvez who has the intelligence, security, knowledge, experience of being in the public service, who knows the reality as an entrepreneur, social dynamics and a very important group such as the indigenous communities and the 68 ethnic groups in the country, I think it is a very interesting picture of Panismo and I wish they would take advantage of it in that sense for a postulation, because it is very worthwhile.” Among other figures of the albiazul, he mentioned Margarita Zavala whom he described as an interesting figure for the experience he has, as well as the character and a maturity to attend to various issues. In the PRI, which may seem in a situation of electoral disadvantage at this time, he said, there are very relevant figures such as Beatriz Paredes and Dulce María Sauri Riancho, “both women of great experience, moral solvency, a height in legislative work, with experience hardly matched by other women because of the time they have both had in politics, since they have been governors, senators and deputies, they know the public sphere in law and vice versa, they have a great sense of country, they are women with a great national roots, they know the issues and I think they are two very interesting figures, perhaps the problem in this case is the very position that the party could present for a candidacy. ” Times are changing, said the political analyst, but it is expected, for the 2024 scenario, that the party that is in power with its candidacy will go and an important coalition of parties could go that will seek political competition, there is a lack of time, she insisted, but it would be very interesting if the coalition broke the paradigm and nominated a woman for the presidency. Nora Arellano considered that a candidate must be sensitive, human, with knowledge of the issues, who knows how to listen to the citizens, who understands the conformation of the republic as such, the division of powers, but also, she said, the basis of organization of the State. ” That it gives the municipalities their possibilities of development, that they see the country in regions and understands that it is necessary to have an economic growth to have an industrial development, that the woman who comes knows how to listen to the opposites and knows how to alternate with the opposites, that she does not divide the country, that she is clear that there is a very strong culture and that supports our society, we are a very beautiful people in a very beautiful Mexican society that is very attacked, that there are factual powers with which it is worth entering into difference and not in coincidence, that it is worth knowing how to paint stripes and have as a beacon to live the law “. A president of the republic, he stressed, must sign with her attitude the famous phrase of protest of complying with and enforcing the law. Women, 52% of the doig roll list said that voting for a woman is seeking a change in policies that have always been thought out and decided by men.” That masculine mentality has predominated, but it must be changed and an adjustment must be made, it is precisely because of all these changes that have happened, such as the pandemic, which require more sensitive thoughts to address structural issues such as health, needturn it around and make a change in history. I would vote for a capable woman, who has academic preparation, experience, intelligent, empathetic, integrity, honest, visionary and who has a personality of her own, because it is very important that they do not follow a man and that a man does not handle them, because that is where everything is lost. ” In analysis, Karla Doig Alvear recognized that for women it has been difficult to stand out due to the issue of inequality that prevails in our country, so a woman who has enough character to govern Mexico is needed.Hada Rosabel Salazar Burgos, columnist of Debate, stressed that the public scrutiny to which women are exposed goes beyond the exercise of accountability that should be demanded of anyone who occupies one position. “I also think they have an obligation to have U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris allude: “… you can be the first to do a lot of things, but make sure you’re not the last,” she added. Read more: In Sinaloa social programs are required to empower women: Rosa Elena MillánAs well, she considered that the fact that a woman aspires to be president of the republic is neither fair nor unfair, but normal, since they are 52 percent of the nominal list. However, she would never vote for a woman because she is a woman, but would exercise her right of election for a national project, for a profile with experience in public service, in the exercise of government, for a character who arouses popular sympathy, but also unity among her peers and co-religionists, regardless of gender.

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