Fuego Awards 2021: voting for the highlights of the Chilean gastronomic world

In Chilean cuisines and in the heart of national gastronomy, “the fire does not go out”. That is why the Gastronomic Federation of Chile (Fegach) chose this phrase for the 2021 Fuego Awards, which in its fourth version will recognize those who have made significant contributions to the tourist, cultural, heritage and technical development associated with cooking.
On this occasion, the award will be given in seven categories that already have their finalists. Voting to choose the winners will be online and will be open until November 26.
“While the pandemic hit many actors in the gastronomic world hard, it also showed that Chilean gastronomy is more alive than ever,” said Fegach President Felipe Yáñez.
“This fourth version of Premios Fuego is a recognition of the sector and a support to all the actors, who have a very important role in every corner of Chile,” he added.
The categories that will reward the distinction on this occasion are “Trajectory”, “Contribution to Chilean cuisine”, “Regional contribution to Chilean cuisine”, “Gastronomic trainer”, “Professional of branches related to cooking”, “Chef of Chile” and “Contribution from the new media to gastronomy – RRSS”.
To choose the nominees, the members of the selection committee – made up of representatives of Carozzi FS, Undersecretary of Tourism, Marca Chile, Agrosuper FS, Soprole FP, U. Santo Tomas and Fegach – met on October 25.
For the “Trajectory” category, the nominees are Joel Solorza, Hernando Gutiérrez and Paulina Gálvez. In “Contribution to the valorization of our products” are Fernando Madariaga and El Abasto. For “Regional Contribution to Chilean Cuisine” the finalists are Xavier Gil, Fernando Madariaga and Antología Gastronómica.
Meanwhile, for “Gastronomic Trainer” are nominated Claudio Cáceres, Braulio Arellano and Ricardo Pacheco. Within “Professional of branches related to the kitchen” are Mauricio Cabrera, Camila Rodríguez and Roberto Muñoz. How
“Chef of Chile” will compete Gustavo Cisternas, Cristian Urrutia and Mauricio Pérez. Finally, in “Contribution from the new media to gastronomy – Social Networks” Patricio Cisternas, Marcos Mayorga and Nicolás Guzmán received nominations.
The public will be able to vote until November 26 at www.premiosfuegocl and the results will be known at the Awards Gala on the 30th of the same month.

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