Javier Castrilli and the controversy between Curicó Unido and Colo Colo: “There was a penalty”

The president of the Referees Commission of the ANFP, Javier Castrilli, had no hesitation in pointing out that Jeyson Rojas’ grab on Felipe Fritz was a penalty during the match between Curicó Unido and Colo Colo, in a crossing for the National Championship played at the La Granja Stadium.The former FIFA referee, of Argentine origin, declared that “the rules of the game establish that a subjection must be sanctioned by the referee when it hinders a movement. of the adversary. In this action it is clearly seen how the left hand of the player number 2 of Colo Colo holds the left arm of the player number 7 of Curicó and hinders the movement, to such an extent that the player of Curicó follows the trajectory of the ball with his gaze and arches the body, prevents that subjection from freely developing his movement. ” For this reason, the position of this Referees Commission is that there was a penalty and that unfortunately due to the position of the bodies the referee was difficult to see because the left hand was covered by the body of the Curicó player himself and on the other side was the referee, “he added about the most controversial play of the clash that ended equalized without goals. Finally, who was nicknamed in his time ‘Iron Judge’ pointed out that “this action should have been conveniently reviewed by the VAR system, unfortunately the opinion as it arises from the analysis of the audios and videos of the VAR, is not what we have. There was a criminal offence and the appropriate measures will have to be taken.” With this, referee Roberto Tobar might not see more action in the remainder of the Championship, such as dates 33 and 34.

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