Profeco publishes list of brands of healthiest cooking oil

After banning instant soups in Mexico, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) carried out a new quality study of edible oils to determine their quality and inform the population about which brand is the healthiest on the market. During the study, the Procedería verified that the edible oils really comply with the contributions mentioned in the labeling such as the quality and ingredients contained in the product. The products selected for the analyses range from Gourmet oils to more commercial brands. Experts determined that the healthiest are those that contain: Sunflower Safflower Corn Peanut Olive Soybean Canola Sesame Rice Bran Grape What are the most natural oils? Edible Vegetable Oil; Ave, Ke! Price, Chedraui, Precissimo and 1-2-3 Canola Oil; Cocoon, Procardial Cocoon, Vita and Valley Foods Sunflower Oil; DiCiero and 1-2-3 Corn Oil; Altea and La Gloria Olive Oil; La Gitana, El Olivo and San Lucas Palm Oil; Biosol Avocado Oil; Avocare, Cate de mi Corazón, and San Lucas extra virgin gourmet Sesame Oil; Foreway sesame expert, Hum Chum, Kaporo, JFC of sesame, Satoru and san Miguel of extra virgin sesame Grape Oil; San Lucas, grape seed oil. Read more: Profeco registers 472 complaints on the fourth day of El Buen Fin 2021 Profeco recommended that consumers check the labels and verify that the product contains less than four grams of saturated fat for each tablespoon of product. In addition, these should not have partially hydrogenated oils, or “trans” fatty acids. Graduated from the Faculty of Education Sciences of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. She began her career as a web reporter in January 2019 at the newspaper El Debate. It covers general, local and trend notes. Previously she had experience in social development programs, primary prevention of violence and crime, Electoral Assistant Trainer and Assistant in civic education See more

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