Carmen Barbieri’s health: she is isolated and with symptoms of coronavirus

Carmen Barbieri is isolated and with symptoms of coronavirus. This was confirmed by herself on Monday after being absent from the Mañanísima cycle, which she leads through the screen of Ciudad Magazine, where Pampito Perelló Aciar was in charge of carrying out the production.” Welcome to Mañanísima. I’m there, yes, it’s Carmen Barbieri’s show. In a little while we will be telling you why it is not present today. Unfortunately it is isolated. She had some symptoms over the weekend and her doctor, who takes great care of her and saved her life when she was in a coma 8 months ago, decided to stay at home, to rest,” Pampito said during the opening of the program.

It was then that the journalist clarified that the driver and producer already performed the swab, and that she spent the night “nervously” waiting for the results, given that she contracted coronavirus at the beginning of the year, a picture that worsened into pneumonia, which with other complications led her to her delicate state of health in intensive care. ” Hopefully negative and tomorrow I can be here. His energy is missed. She was working a lot, she has many demands. There was a lot of talk about her in the week. Sometimes you have to be a little bit on the other side. Eight months ago he was in a coma and almost died,” Pampito continued, while referring to the cancellation of the work he was going to do and in which his son, Fede Bal, also worked, and the criticism he received for it.

“Carmen is a lioness, and lionesses when you hurt them,” said Mariano Caprarola, a guest on the program. “The panelists speak for the time. Carmen is the maximum, a great artist and companion,” she defended. The word of Carmen Barbieri
Minutes later, the driver – who also participates in Los 8 Escalones – was in charge of informing herself of the reasons for her absence and telling how she is in health. He did it through an audio that Pampito was in charge of transmitting in front of the cameras.

Carmen Barbieri, isolated and with symptoms of covid | Photo: Instagram @barbieri_carmen

“I’m in my house, tied up with boat chains because they won’t let me out until I have the result of covid. I have symptoms,” he said, as he gave more details about his condition. I wasn’t with anyone who has had or has covid, so I didn’t have any contact. But on the weekend I had a fever of 37.5,” she concluded, accompanied by the affection that her colleagues sent her and from the production.
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