Tambalea co-government, Rocha and Moreno legislators support the Chemist

The “co-government” makes water. In the morning, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya nailed the flag. He made public his support for the mayor of Mazatlan Luis Guillermo Benítez in the face of the problem of ungovernability that is lived and has lasted for 16 days. He also supported the mayor of Mocorito María Elizalde Ruelas, who lives something similar to the Chemist. The governor’s words still resonated, when senators and federal deputies of Morena launched a document urging the councilors of Mazatlan and Mocorito to restore order. And they backed the governor and the mayors in trouble. Although late, the position of the governor and the federal legislators of Morena sends several messages that, if the protagonists do not understand it, will be digging their own political graves. The fact that Rocha Moya supports the mayor of Mazatlan, sends a clear message to his Secretary of Health and PAS leader Melesio Cuén. And the position of the Moreno legislators is of clear support for the governor and in passing they join the “coup” that is imposed on Cuén. They, whoever puts their finger on it, deep down do not want Melesio Cuén. And the pas leader and current health secretary knows that. The councilors who together with the Chemist have led by the ungovernability to Mazatlan in these 16 days, will have to reassess their position. One of them is from Morena, and because it is its governor and legislators of his party, who demand to resolve the conflict. The other five PAS councilors will have to wait for the “line” of their leader Melesio Cuén. Either they retreat or now declare war not only on the Chemist, but also on the governor and the federal legislators of Morena. In the case of PAN member Martín Pérez, he has a more comfortable, less committed position. The PRI councilor who had joined the seven councilors opposed to the Chemist had already painted her line by not attending the last two meetings with the mayor. The fire in the rigging. Those who have known Rubén Rocha Moya for more than 40 years. That together with him they lived dozens of university struggles and somewhat those electoral contests outside the Casa Rosalina had already advanced it. Rocha Moya will not make a decision in the Mazatlan case without consulting with his relatives. He likes to bring his people together. Listen to their views quietly. And since he listens to them, he takes what he considers most appropriate and makes the decision. And it seems that they were right. Already the light of chaos in Mazatlan. From the evident ungovernability that the municipality has lived for 16 days, it was coming close. A state government that is just beginning and does not send a clear, energetic message to impose order is weak. And that right now is pure poison. There were already voices that said that Rocha Moya did not intervene in the conflict, that he even encouraged it, to show two possible contenders for 2024 and that they would make noise to his government seeking from today to relieve him in office. But the announcement came in support of the Chemist and this fast and fast shared it on social networks and thanked the federal legislators of Morena for their support, as well as the Governor. And he finishes in his gratitude: “Love with love is paid.” What message will that be? Bizarre world. The Moreno governor Rubén Rocha Moya came out on the way of any speculation. He said that the approval in the Senate for Quirino Ordaz to be appointed Senator of Mexico in Spain has no risks. It is not a strong argument that he attended the wedding of Santiago Nieto. And those of the PRI?

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