Alexa Dellanos captivates the eyes with spectacular photo in networks

United States.- After Alexa Dellanos was walking through Mexico City and leaving a few thousand in love, now it has been commissioned that more people in Miami and in social networks mainly also do it and is that after a small photo session that was done in a car has generated a lot of interaction and is that it is not for less, there the model made it clear that like her few or none on social networks, not for nothing more than 200 thousand people already left their likes and comments.” Too much is never enough”, were the words of Alexa Dellanos and as seen in the first image you could know what she is referring to but that was left to her fans to think what seemed right to them. The image that is driving her large community crazy has to do with her back attributes, the influencer surprised with the pose she used giving her a lot of prominence and the best thing is that she achieved what she was looking for, to be the trend after such a revealing image. Everything was much more spectacular also thanks to the outfit he decided to wear that consisted of a white top fastened on his back by thin laces, but of course the pants were the ones that stole the looks, in a beige shade and with some figures of what seem to be moons was that Alexa Dellanos captivated her fans, sitting on the edge of the seat and staring at the camera with a tender look was that she got what until now could be considered the best photo so far in 2021 for the influencers who dominate social networks. Read more: Danik Michell conquers with his good taste for fashion and his striking blouse in animal print The best photo of Alexa Dellanos so far this year | Photo: Instagram Alexa Dellanos Although for the enjoyment of her fans it was not the only photo she shared with that outfit, at least a couple more were published but already outside the van, still with the center of attention in a single area. And if that had not been enough, he shared a video to close his dominance in social networks with a flourish. Not for nothing more than 5 million people follow her day and night to be aware of her publications. Already days past she had verified that she owns a figure that falls in love and generates many envy, she dared to use some one-piece suits and tight to her figure which left more than proven at what level she is among the divas of social networks that has more followers and that is one of the most applauded for the content she shares, although at times she spends a lot of time without publishing anything, but when she has the material there is no one who does it better than her.

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