The Chilindrina entered the Guinness Book of Records as the character of greater permanence

María Antonieta de las Nieves, the Mexican actress known worldwide for playing La Chilindrina in the children’s series El Chavo del 8, entered the Guinness Book of Records for having kept her character for 48 years. Thus, the artist was recognized for having the longest professional career characterizing the same character, since even today she travels the world disguised as La Chilindrina, despite the fact that the television program where she originated stopped producing around 40 years ago.
“I am proud of this award, it is a great recognition that I never thought I would be given. These years have been wonderful, to have traveled the world with this character is something unique,” were the words of De las Nieves, 70 years old. In addition, the actress thanked the recognition in her networks through a video. Carlos Tapia, one of the heads of the Guinness World Records, pointed out: “La Chilindrina is a very recognized character in various countries of Latin America and the world” and described as “unquestionable” the “experience and extensive trajectory” of the actress because “for decades, generations after generations, they grew up and enjoyed her character”.

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