Joe Biden Demands Big Companies Pay a Little in Taxes

President Joe Biden on Wednesday defended his “Build Back Better” project, a social spending plan for the fight against climate change and job creation, among other measures, and urged the country’s large companies to “pay a little” in taxes. The president, who participated today in the official opening of Factory Zero, the new General Motors (GM) plant in Detroit that will exclusively produce electric vehicles, described the project as “historic.” This bill does something truly historic. It’s going to help rebuild the backbone of this nation,” Biden told GM executives, union representatives and automaker workers. Read more: Kamala Harris will temporarily assume the Presidency of the United States while Joe Biden undergoes a colonoscopyBiden took the opportunity to reiterate that the initiative will not increase the deficit “not a penny” and that it will be fully financed by reisphasing the taxes that were eliminated by the Donald Trump Administration in 2017 to those who earn more than $ 400,000 a year. “No one who earns less than $400,000 a year will pay a single cent in federal taxes,” the president added. Biden said companies “aren’t paying enough” and then turned to GM President Mary Barra, who was among those attending the event, and said, “I’m sorry Mary.” I am a capitalist. If you make a million or 1 billion dollars, do it, it’s good for everyone. But pay just enough! 55 of America’s largest corporations, the most successful, have not paid a single cent in federal taxes in recent years and made $40 billion. Pay a little!” he said. Read more: Guatemalan mother, two children and 2 nephews burned to death when a house in New York burns down The US president also pointed out that this initiative, together with the Infrastructure Plan he signed on Monday worth 1.2 trillion dollars, will allow the United States to once again overtake China and other countries in investments in key sectors of the economy. To the rhythm of “Cielito lindo”, a group of Mexicans wait for AMLO in Times Square in New York.

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