Bonadeo met with athletes to talk about Paralympic sport

After the terrible situation between the sports journalist and the people of the Paralympic committee, Bonadeo had to come out to apologize. Recall that Gonzalo declared that “the Paralympic Games should not have medals.” Days later and with the apologies accepted, Bonadeo met Gustavo Fernández and Daniela Giménez to talk about Paralympic sport and to be able to “learn to be clearer about things”. According to the interview that was conducted on the TyC Sports channel, the journalist had a very good talk with the athletes about the situation. For his part, G. Fernández (Former world number one in wheelchair tennis) stated “For me it is vital and key that people who have contact with disability, directly or indirectly, have and believe and are convinced that they can fully develop in whatever it is” While, swimmer Giménez added:  “They’re constantly telling you you can’t. I was very lucky to have been born into the family I was born into. The medals are a beautiful token to all the effort and the work that you had to do to arrive, because at least it happens to me that there are many less medals that I have than competed competitions. It’s life itself, any athlete could relate to this.” At the end, the tennis player called for reflection: “There are many people behind very trained, who know a lot and who really evolve and make the sport evolve and who are available to help us to evolve in the sport. Let go a little, natural it and that way we will all evolve, as is happening with this progressive wave that is very nice and very good.”

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