Lula on Brazil: “I have to go back so that the people eat three times a day”

After a tour of Europe, which took him to Germany, Belgium, France and Spain, the former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, was optimistic for the future so that his country improves considerably in socio-economic matters, after the announcement of his candidacy for the presidency in the October 2022 elections. revealed that he does not withdraw from politics and continues his struggle to achieve a “more humane world in which everyone has the basics.” “Today Brazil is broken,” acknowledged the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) in an interview published today.

“There are 19 million people in Brazil who go hungry,” he lamented, adding: “We have more unemployment and inflation. And the hunger that had ended in Brazil in 2014 returned with great force. Brazil was an international protagonist. And everything was dismantled.” “I cannot admit that the world produces more food than humanity can eat and that we have 800 million hungry people in the world. Nor that in Brazil, which is the third largest food producer in the world, people are going hungry. That makes me want to fight, it makes me young. I seem to be 76 years old, but I have the energy of 30 years. The world cannot go on like this. That’s why I want to do politics.” In addition, he explained that he will formally define his candidacy between february and March, since his desire to be a candidate “does not depend on personal will”: “I have to build with other people and with other parties a program for Brazil. I have to make an alliance, because the important thing is not only to win the elections, it is to be able to govern,” he said. All the surveys show that my Government is considered the best there was in Brazil: it has been the best moment of social inclusion, of universities, of increases in employment and salary; the poor and most humble also conquered citizenship. If I return to the presidency, I cannot do less than I did. (…) I can’t fail. I have to go back to recover the international prestige of Brazil and that the people can eat three times a day,” he concluded.
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